I have attached a screenshot. Pictures need to be smaller than KB in filesize. Use jpg or png with higher compression to attach here. BOth files are too big even after compression, so I shared them with a link in OneDrive. Hmm, this is a tough one. Does this only happen at LFPG? Did you try to select a jetway at EPWA? Does the jetway also move in that upward position? I tried those stands and they work fine here. What if you slew your aircraft towards the jetway, do the jetways eventually change the position?

Jetways still go left and high. Sorry to tell you that at the moment, I have no clue what the cause is for the issue. Could you send me those two mdl files directly in a zip to this address? To be sure, couly you generate a simconnect. Then send me the simconnect. This way, I am able to see which modules get loaded exactly.

After inspection of files, found out that they were compiled with an inappropriate SDK. Also, the model had no animations in it to start with…. I normally use p3d but i moved back to FSX for the new qualitywingsi just couldnt wait but both flight beam ksfo and kmsp the jetways are not moving except for the up and to the left.

The Flightbeam jetways surely do work. Topic Resolution: Resolved.

4K Flight Simulator - Prepar3D Realistic Airbus A319 Departure [i7-6700k @ 4.3GHz + GTX 1060 6GB]

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t2g vhhh p3d v4

September at Thanks a lot! Windows 10 64bit.I neither had any memory issues nor OOM issues. It runs absolutely smooth. So honestly, I don't see any reason to migrate to P3D V4. Why don't you test P3D v4 by yourself? They have a day money back offer. So you can make yourself a picture of it. It's quite a lot more optimized than V3.

I'm not joking, it's THAT much better. And you have high resolution terrain in a very very large radius, unlike previous versions plus the added benefit of usable 16 exabytes of RAM, if we ever get there before moving onto quantum computing. Nuno: Thank you very much. I just got a new PC i 3. I hope this will be feasible with my pc.

Didn't get to test it. It's absolutely worth it. Much much smoother than V3 and a bit better looking. Couldn't be happier. Who cares about VAS anymore. Many thanks.

t2g vhhh p3d v4

It's in his sig. Pretty much top end rig but not uncommon here perhaps a somewhat stronger GPU than the average. Thing is, I find no reason to rush the transition to V4. I was just making sure cos he claims 60fps at add-on airports whereas I get and I have a K and ti. Cool, something to look forward too! I think this great 64bit platform will lift FSLabs and the A to a new level. Well, i can definitely not confirm that it is any quicker - to get v3 fps i need to reduce some settings actually.

I think if you are already GPU bound, you will likely see no gain in fps and if you up the autogen distance even a fps reduction compared to v3. It all depends on your system - LM can't create wonders. Gtxintel i7; the cpu is often bored while the fps still get low when looking into high autogen areas. With System setting tweeks I'm getting High Altitude fps into the range of 50fps with my system.

I guess the one most convincing factor to migrate to v4 would be that most, if not all, developers will eventually stop supporting products you own and love today. Might as well make the move now while you have time on your side instead of being forced to do so later. Looks like you have a decent rig and shouldnt be a problem for you.

Like don't get me wrong I'm not saying OOM's will never happen as when devs leverage the extra resources granted by 64bit 8 and 16gbs will soon be eaten up but providing you can get the ram capacity for your rig upgraded when you can you should be fine.

Was still usable and looked amazing, but probably needs some slight leftward tweaking of settings on my part just for that part of the trip. I took the plunge and just bought and installed P3D V4 and after a few hours of flying I have to agree with everyone who's talked positively about it and more!

This is what I've been looking for in a flight sim for decades now.

t2g vhhh p3d v4

Windows 10, bit, iK CPU 4. Sorry, but not true.Quick links. Any issues, problems or troubleshooting topics related to the Prepar3D client application. How do i correct this? Right Click and delete the VehicleFavorites. General Debugging Steps How to Post a Screenshot Activation Issues. It's not that i am seeing no aircraft just pieces or skeleton of an aircraft. I also failed to mention I'm using version 4. Thank you. I didn't notice a skeleton but will look more closely. I tried both of the above methods with no luck at all.

Mega Airport London Heathrow professional

No thumbnails and that happened after trying to install IVAP. This is how it looks like when starting, and it goes CTD afterwards: Deleting above files wont help for me Doing the default reset wont work neither.

I read something about old scenery installsand for sure i am working around to install some of my old sceneries used in V3, im afraid i messed up something. But i dont really understand what this unicode thing means. For me its like: "Do not attemp to migrate old sceneries to V4" :- Ouch Full reinstall again?

I also uninstalled Prepar3d v4 then reinstalled.This is due to there simply not being any due to T2G not prioritizing it in their update schedule. Although one airport was indeed very fast updated, for obvious reasons KSEA. This is common attribute by many different developers, and is the result of having to "lift" the texture sheet for the surface markings such as taxi lines a few mm above the airport elevation. This is to prevent texture flashing or disappearing.

Developers who are moving to using P3Dv4 materials can take advantage of improved z-bias control to reduce or eliminate the "lift" distance, but these sceneries would not be backwards compatible so don't look for them to be rushing to use the P3Dv4 SDK. Can't remember for certain. To be fair, I said I heard, not that I know. Again, just going off of what others have said. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Recommended Posts. Posted December 11, Can't find any updates for P3Dv Regards, William Vrielynck. Share this post Link to post.

Well, there is only one way to figure out It's worked fine from day one in v4 here as well. Posted December 12, Edit: nevermind All the best, -John Milviz Testing Team. I'm sure they will, in this market segment time is your best friend. VHHH works pretty good but my tires sink in slightly.

Seems to be an elevation issue. Posted December 13, Check them by yourself at simMarket! It just feels rushed and occasionally sloppy and would have profited from additional cycles of polish, imo.

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Advertisement advertisement. Performance performance. Analytics analytics. Functional functional.Hi guys, some people are asking about updates for p3d v4, soon we will update vhhh, ltba, othh and more previous airport, thanks for your patience.

Hi guys, from the recent release of ksea for p3d v4: we will make a patch for alaska night textures, we made a mistake sending those old night textures, some guys have an issue for trees that we already dont know what is causing that but we are checking. Also we will check the runway lights.

Hi guys, will be working on eddm for p3d v4, we will update satelite terminal and then will come more updates for p3d v4 for previous sceneries, thanks for your patience. Hi guys, we think in a pair of days will be available lfpg p3d v4 at simmarket with dynamic lights option. Hi guys, we already test lfpg on p3d v4 and works fine :. Jarad with order numberi will send you an email later and let you know the process, thank you guys. Jump to. Sections of this page.

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Taxi2Gate Seattle-Tacoma P3D V4 Update Released

Are you guys still in business? I can see your products are on sale Haven't heard anything since the KSEA release. See more. Hi guys, we are still working in some updates and kind is still in progress. Taxi2gate Updates P3D v4.

Taxi2Gate Hong Kong Int. Airport VHHH [FSX/P3D]

Hi guys, eddm for p3d v4 is released.Available as instant download. The award winning Sim-wings Team has once again pushed the limits of modelling a perfect mega hub with Mega Airport London Heathrow professional representing the actual and up to date stage of its real world counterpart. The scenery covers around 42 square kilometres in total with fully detailed buildings at the airport, including the new T2 and T2B terminals.

Fully customized high resolution aerial ground textures, detailed ground markings and the actual taxiway layout with new rapid runway exits and taxiway links make it a perfect rendition while use of LOD technique will give you the best possible performance.

Conclusion by FlightSim. I would only really knock off a point being very critical as always for needing to turn down the settings quite a bit and do a little bit of fiddling around in the simulator to get things running smoothly. However, this is just me being very critical, and personally, I don't think it's that unreasonable especially with the detail on offerto adjust your settings accordingly.

So in effect, it's not necessarily a real criticism, more of Read review. Note: Screenshots also show other add-ons, like AI-airplanes, wheather add-ons, terrain or ground add-ons which are not part of the product itself. Owners of "Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended" have the possibility to use our cost saving upgrade service:.

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