These days, nothing is a salon-exclusive treatment if you put your mind to it. The professional-level technique of the dipped-nail manicure is now totally doable at home by using a dip-powder nail kit. To achieve this style, start with freshly manicured fingertips, free of any polish, with neatly trimmed cuticles. The instructions from different dip-powder nail kits will vary slightly, but the process should be fairly similar overall.

Simply paint on a base coat to begin, dip your nails into the powder, and repeat as desired. Next, brush on the activator to bond the color.

Shape and buff the nails to the perfect finish, then finalize with a top coat. Be sure to soak off your nails carefully using acetone — instead of forcibly removing or peeling it off — to ensure your nail beds stay healthy and tips stay strong. We recommend using soak-off caps to make this process easier. Ready to give it a go? Read on to discover the best dip-powder nail kits and essential accessories to kick-start your at-home nail salon!

DipWell's clean and chic starter kit provides three shades of the powder dip and five polishes. This French nail dip offers a healthier alternative to gel nails and traditional acrylic nails.

Fortified with calcium, it battles daily wear and tear better than traditional nail lacquer, gel polish, and traditional acrylic systems.

For those looking to get serious with powder-dip nails, this is a more advanced kit, as it includes three shades and five different polishes, in addition to a buffer and bottle of acetone. The coveted salon brand Gelish also boasts longwear durability with this product, promising a perfect dipped mani for up to 14 days.

Kiara Sky's dip-powder starter kit provides a pastel range of pink and white powders for a dreamy-looking manicure. These easy-to-use dip powders feel natural, don't damage the nail bed, and offer a healthier alternative to other harsher nail enhancements. Dip your way to a classic-looking mani that lasts for up to 3 weeks with this kit from Lavender Violets.

The included powders let you create a white, pink, or French manicure that's perfect for special occasions. Spend more time getting ready, and less time on trips to the nail salon!

Feeling pretty confident? If dip powders are in your wheelhouse, you might want to opt for the TP Nails kit, as it includes six powders to play with. It also includes three polishes and a brush for a quick and easy application.

Already have one of our favorite dip powder systems, but want to add to your collection of powder polish? The Cuccio She Shimmer Collection is an amazing addition to your nail powder stash. This set features eight different shimmering powders that will create some serious sparkle on your fingertips. And if you want these shades and need the coordinating base and top coats, grab a bottle of the Cuccio base and top gel to complete your kit.

A one-stop shop for a powder-dip manicure, Azure Beauty's starter kit includes the usual essentials, as well as a dust brush, a wooden stick, and nail files. This is a great dip-powder nail kit if your arsenal of nail tools isn't fully stocked. The Kiss Salon Dip Color System is one of the most basic kits, making it a great pick if you're new to the whole powder-dip nail concept.

It features all of the essential products for a dip manicure: four different polishes and one dip-powder color. It also comes with a tray to pour powder for each application, so you're able to use only what you need.

If 50 shades of beige is more your thing, this all-neutral dip powder set will give you plenty of options for your desired look.However, those who want a wrench have the option to purchase it along with this kit; a more comprehensive screwdriver set is also available. However, the vast majority of buyers say the tools themselves are good quality for those who only need them for occasional household use. The kit includes a hammer, two pairs of pliers, a utility knife, a level, an adjustable wrench, a tape measure, a precision screwdriver, a bit holder, nine sockets, 19 specialty bits, and a set of hex keys.

Reviewers are impressed with the quality of the included tools, especially for the price. However, they note that the hex-key selection is limited and there are no wide-jaw pliers, two limitations that might frustrate some. It includes a large socket set, three pairs of pliers, six full-size screwdrivers and seven precision screwdrivers, a level, a hammer, a utility knife, a tape measure, a folding hex key, an adjustable wrench, scissors, brush, insulated tape, cable ties, and more.

One feature many owners rave about is that the WORKPRO kit comes with a nylon bag that has convenient exterior pockets and a shoulder strap. They like being able to toss tools into a bag instead of finding their proper slots in a plastic case, as is required by many tool kits.

Of course, the downside of having so many tools is weight—the kit weighs in just shy of 25 pounds, reviewers caution. The tools themselves are made of heat-treated chrome vanadium steel, and owners say they are sturdy and high quality for the price.

The Black and Decker Volt MAX Lithium Ion Drill and Project Kit has a number of handy must-haves for homeowners, as well as one big bonus over most other ready-made kits: a volt, rechargeable power drill.

Tools include a hammer, two screwdrivers, two sets of pliers, an adjustable wrench, a utility knife, a ratcheting screwdriver and 32 bits, four nut drivers, a magnetic bit tip holder, 10 general drill bits, five spade bits, four hole saws and a mandrel.

The kit can also be purchased with a piece drill bit and screwdriver bit set. They also wish the accompanying bag had some internal compartments or dividers to help keep everything organized.

diy tool kits for the home

For a first apartment or even a dorm room, this tool set is a great choice—especially if you just need the basics. The piece set includes a foot tape measure, a claw hammer, 6-inch slip joint pliers, eight hex keys, a ratcheting bit driver, 8-inch scissors, 20 bits, a utility knife, and four screw drivers.

And it all comes in a plastic case to keep things organized. While the tools aren't as strong as the ones in our best overall pick, they will be sufficient for occasional repairs or home improvement tasks. Reviewers have noted that they do the job, but that you get what you are paying for with a budget tool kit.

Of course the kit does come with a limited lifetime warranty in case anything breaks. The kit has pieces including three sizes of quick-release ratchets, a wide variety of sockets, a dozen combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench, two sets of pliers, four screwdrivers, a magnetic bit driver and 44 bits, and more than two dozen hex keys.

Reviewers say the plastic blow-molded case on the Crescent set is sturdy, and they like the convenient folding door that opens from the center, allowing easy access to all the tools or just one side.

diy tool kits for the home

But they are complimentary of the heat-treated chrome vanadium steel tools, which they say are have a high-quality look and feel. Who says your toolkit has to be basic black? Fans of pink will flock to this comprehensive kit that is great for the average DIYer with its basic tools the average person needs like a hammer, tape measure, level wrench and more.

18 Essential Tools for Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects

What's the more the set is compact and lightweight making it easy to store and pull out when needed. We bought and tested a top-rated home tool kit. Our reviewers spent 10 hours using the tools to finish DIY projects around their homes. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using this home tool kit, from how easy it was to use to how much space it takes up. We've outlined the key points here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping. Experience level Some tool kits are better suited for more experienced users.

However, if you have more experience working around the house, you might be looking for more advanced tools to supplement your existing arsenal.

Intended projects Is there a particular task you need to complete with your tool kit? Storage space Even though it's not the most important factor to consider when buying a tool kit, you should think about how much space it will take up in your home. On the other hand, if you have a whole garage to dedicate to your tools, you have plenty of room to store a comprehensive kit.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.Tired of losing your tools or misplacing them? Wonder how you can keep everything in one place and make your garage or tool house neat and tidy?

12 Basic Plumbing Supplies For Home Tool Kits: DIY Guy

Worry no more! Great entryway tool kit for beginners. Artists need easy access and portability for the tools of their trade, and this animal cruelty free tool wrap does just the trick.

More info r ight this way. If you love this idea, check out the tutorial here. I recommended this one to my father and he is forever grateful. Tired of seeing those plugs and wires all over the place? This is so convenient and truly a zero-clutter organizer for your small tools.

Check out the idea here. I really love this idea. I always see how my husband struggles to find the right size socket when he does his garage projects. This is a must have! This is an awesome idea for a small storage solution, and truly works. This is a very cheap and easy DIY nail storage that is so neat — and fun to create. Find the complete idea here. This is a great gift idea! Instead, create a hanging rake organizer. You can also use this to store screwdrivers, pencils, marker, glue, and other materials.

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However, one advantage is clear: DIY home repairs can save you a bundle. You can use DIY tricks to save money on home decoratinghouse maintenancecar repairslandscapingand more. No toolbox is complete without them. Uses : A nail is no use without a hammer. The curved claw makes pulling nails easier. Experts say this type is nearly indestructible. It also saves you money on home improvement projects.

To handle each type, you need both a Philips and a flat-head screwdriver. Ideally, you should have several of each so that you can deal with screws of different sizes.

diy tool kits for the home

Whether you decide on one screwdriver or several, look for ones that are sturdy and comfortable to grip. To tighten and loosen those bolts, you need a wrench.

A small six-inch wrench can fit into tight spaces, while a longer inch wrench gives you more leverage for loosening tight bolts. Look for one with a wide jaw opening and a comfortable handle. Klein Tools has a very well-reviewed adjustable 8-inch wrench for around that price.

Finally, a wrench is useful for all kinds of large-scale building jobs, from decks to playground equipment. For these, the best tool is a sharp knife. A utility knife is the safest kind. Ideally, it should also have built-in storage for extra blades. Stanley makes a solid basic utility knife. A belt hook for carrying is another nice feature. Having a good knife at the ready makes it easy to do these jobs yourself rather than calling in the pros. Afterward, you can use the handle end to bang the lid closed again.

A putty knife is also necessary for re-glazing windows. The traditional western saw has a two-foot blade that tapers from base to tip and cuts as you push forward through the board.

A Japanese pull saw, by contrast, has a straight blade that cuts when you pull it back through the wood. Pruning saws also cut on the pull stroke, but they have a narrow blade that folds up for storage. In tests at The Sweethomepull saws delivered the fastest and cleanest cuts. However, spending the extra money will save you a lot of time on cutting jobs. Another difference between saws is the number of teeth per inch.

Six to eight teeth per inch work best for rip cuts, made with the grain of the wood. For cross cuts made against the grain, eight to 12 teeth per inch is better.Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

How To Make Toolbox -- Homemade Toolbox

Instead of buying individual tools, make sure your home is stocked with an all-in-one tool kit. Keep a tool kit in your car or bug-out bag tooin case of emergencies.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right tool kit for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list. We made sure the options in our guide range between sets that give you just the essentials, to kits with a ton of extras. Either way, these tool kits all tuck away easily in a closet or locker, or in a shelf, say, in your garage. Usage : These tool kits can help with everything from home installations TV, hanging frames, shelving to DIY projects, to emergencies too think repairing cracks, leaks, etc.

It contains essentials like a hammer, tape measure, box cutter, and pliers. At The company says the handles for its tools were designed with ergonomics in mind to make them easier to use comfortably. It also includes eight wrenches in various sizesa socket wrench with 34 sockets, and three types of pliers needle nose, water pump, and slip joint. Its sheer versatility makes it a great choice for people who want to get one tool kit and keep it for the rest of their life.

This tool kit measures The piece kit includes a power drill along with its necessary charger and storage bagalongside a tape measure, wrench, needle nose pliers, utility knife, Phillips head and flat-head screwdrivers, and a magnetic bit holder with 32 bits.

The Best Power Tool Combo Kits

Despite including a power tool, this kit is only The drill, which is similar to the one included with this tool kit, has been easy to use, and very powerful. Spade bits and hole saws allow you to drill different-sized holes, which comes in handy more often than you think. I used a hole saw and hole grommets to make a subtle cable snaking system to clean up my work desk. Anyone looking to accomplish some more intensive power or labor intensive jobs around the house should seriously consider this toolkit.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Tool Kit There are many factors to consider when choosing the right tool kit for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Courtesy Amazon Amazon. Courtney Amazon Amazon. Popular on Rolling Stone. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone. Arrow Created with Sketch. Calendar Created with Sketch. Path Created with Sketch. Shape Created with Sketch.Live in a home long enough and you'll eventually have to deal with clogged sinks, dripping faucets, plugged-up toilets and leaky pipes.

There's simply no way to avoid it: plumbing problems happen. However, calling a plumber for each and every repair is impractical, expensive and time-consuming. In most cases, you can fix the problem yourself long before the plumber even calls back to schedule an appointment, but only if you have the right plumbing tools on hand.

I can't tell you how many times I've been called to help friends with a plumbing problem and discovered that their plumbing "tools" consisted of a butter knife, a straightened wire clothes hanger, and a roll of duct tape. Fortunately, most of the tools you need to maintain your home's plumbing system are relatively affordable, and you don't have to buy them all at once. Get these basic tools first, then add more as you need them. And although I didn't include them in the following list, you'll also need some standard home-repair tools, such as a hammer, tape measure, screwdrivers, drill driver, utility knife, safety goggles, work gloves and, of course, a toolbox.

Propane Torch: Required if you're going to sweat copper pipe and fittings. You'll find it much more convenient than using a striker or matches.

Tongue-and-Groove Pliers: Commonly called by the brand name Channellocks, these pliers are the first tool plumbers reach for when they need to grab, pull, twist, hold, tighten or loosen something. Be sure to get two sizes: in.

Make sure the blade is tense in the frame for tough cuts, and be sure to keep extra blades on hand. In tight spots, wrap one end of a loose blade in a cloth to create a handle to slip the blade in for the cut. Metal File: This tool removes burrs and smooths the edges of metal pipes after cutting. The tool's long shaft and swiveling jaw can reach up and into the deep, narrow space behind a sink and lock onto the nuts.

There's no other tool that can do what this one does. Pipe Wrench: These large, heavy wrenches are used to tighten and loosen threaded pipes, fittings and nuts. You'll need two--one for turning and one for gripping and holding.

The serrated teeth help the wrench hold its grip but can damage a fixture's finish--when you need protection, wrap the wrench's jaws in a cloth. Buy a in. Use it when the plunger see below fails to clear the clog. Adjustable Wrench: This versatile tool is required for working on compression fittings, supply lines and other plumbing parts that have hex-shaped nuts.

When shopping, check that the moving jaw holds a firm setting so that it won't slip loose under torque. Again, it's best to get two sizes: 6-in. Tubing Cutter: Looking somewhat like a C-clamp, this essential tool provides the quickest, cleanest way to cut copper pipe. It's the first tool to grab when you need to dislodge clogs from sinks, tubs, toilets, showers and floor drains. When using it in a toilet, press down, create a firm seal around the drain, and pull upward.

The idea is to vacuum the clog out, not push it deeper.

The best basic tool kits for DIY home projects

Its long steel cable is tough enough to grind through the most stubborn clogs. It's always smart to keep a fire extinguisher nearby, too.

Type keyword s to search.

diy tool kits for the home

Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.Power tool combination kits can provide great value if you know you want a big tool kit and you don't want to spend the time and money of building it up piece by piece. Plus, when you need multiple cordless power tools, it's always best to stick with the same battery platform, and a combo kit gets you setup right out of the gate.

Choose a tool combo kit based on the tools, accessories, and power needed. Look for kits that include extra batteries and beware of kits that include tools that can't be bought separately. Ryobi has built a strong reputation among DIYers for producing high-performance tools at a reasonable price.

These tools aren't built for the day-to-day grind of a jobsite, but rather the occasional demands of a handy homeowner. This kit includes a circular saw, drill, impact driver, multi-tool, reciprocating saw, and worklight.

That's pretty much every tool that even the most motivated DIYer will need. The Dewalt 20V platform is one of the most robust family of tools out there. If you are just seeking to dip your toes into the Dewalt world, this two tool combo kit includes a powerful drill driver and impact driver, capable of handling any project you can throw at it. That, plus a gateway to a much larger family. It also comes with two batteries, and a 30 minute charger, so you'll never be without juice.

If you want to build up your workshop in one shot, check out this piece 18V LXT cordless combo kit from Makita. It includes tools for drilling, driving, fastening, cutting, and grinding. The kit includes four batteries, two rapid chargers, and two big carrying cases for all of your new toys. This kit from Porter-Cable is a great deal for a solid volt platform. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Here are a few of our favorites.

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